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Facilitating the Transfer of Ideas, Emotion, and Information via Interactive "Rich Media" Experiences.

Screen Capture Services


Blade Multimedia provides on-site consulting to businesses and individuals located in our local area (New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts).

E-learning solutions.
Online Marketing content.
Product Instruction.
Software Training.
Employee Training.
Individual Online Consulting.

Content Development:

By combining industry leading 3d design, animation, and audio tools, with Camtasia studio's screen capture technology, Blade Multimedia can capture, edit, produce, and deliver. With a complete multi-media production pipeline at your service your content will stand apart from the rest.

Content delivery:

Blade Multimedia takes things very seriously when it comes to content delivery. This is when your employees, clients, or customers will decide if you’re a serious contender. Blade Multimedia can deliver to virtually any medium whether it be streaming web deployment, web deployed installation packages, streaming CD deployment, local installations (from cd to the end users machine), Mobile or kiosk deployment packages. When combined with a stylish, attractive, and even entertaining custom designed user interface your content will grab their attention from the start and hold it until the end. Be sure to take a look at some of our interface designs and installation packages on the sample production page.

You'll find retail product examples in the portfolio section of the site.         


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