The Blade Player

The "Blade Player" is a full featured online steaming mp3 player.

Features Include:

  • Track Information Display (for currently playing track)
  • Info Panel (top right button)
  • Mock eq
  • Current play status indicator (cd icon)
  • Previous Track
  • Seek
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Play
  • Next track
  • Loop
  • Random Selection
  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Dynamic play list with dynamic scroll.
  • Admin panel for play list management.

Blade Player was created by BladeMultimedia

Dynamic play list with scroll: The dynamic play list will automatically populate itself with mp3's uploaded by the end user via the play list admin panel. Just upload up to 999 mp3's and the player will find and list them as available tracks. The playlist has also been equiped with a dynamic scroller to accomodate the changing play list length.

Tack info: All information displayed in the player is taken directly from the ID3 tags of the current mp3. If no info is displayed it's because there's no info in the mp3.

Info Panel: (icon at top right of player) The information pane will present additional information if its contained in the mp3. Such as Author, Album, Track number, Year, and Comments. (more information may be added at later date)

Play list Administration: (small button top left of player) The embedded play list administration panel allows for convenient play list management via secure login using the latest SWF encrypting technology provided by amayeta. With options to upload new songs, as well as delete songs that are currently in the play list, managing the players content couldn’t be easier.