Violence touches everyone and permeates all areas of our society. Its impact is felt at home, school and work. Whether you realize it or not you know someone who has experienced a violent situation. Even if you are never a victim, a violent action will affect your life at some point.

You need only become aware of just a few of the multitude of statistics to realize this truth.

  • Three out of four women will experience at least one violent incident in their life.
  • American businesses pay four to five billion a year in medical expenses associated with domestic violence.
  • In homes with domestic violence children are physically abused and seriously neglected at a rate of fifteen hundred percent higher than the national average.

When most people think of self protection they think about weapons, security systems or fighting. These are only a small part of a much larger subject.

Self-protection is a life time pursuit that covers seven areas of knowledge: Self-worth, Awareness, Prevention, Evasion, Escape, Defense and Defeat. These areas are linked together and build upon each other. The increased skills needed at each level are a response to an increase in violence in a situation.

Self-worth is the belief that you are worth defending. Awareness, which is a broad category, covers everything from awareness of trends in violence to awareness of your immediate environment. Prevention is the attempt to reduce the likelihood of violence.

Evasion of violence is the ability to avoid an attack when it happens and escape is the ability to free you from a violent situation. Defense is the ability to use force to deter an attacker and defeat is the ability to control an attacker when they won’t be deterred.

Which you choose depends on the natural response of fight or flight. Fight or flight has built into it a decision mode. If you believe you can defeat your attacker you will fight. If you don’t, flight becomes the choice. Very few people feel that they can defeat an attacker without years of training.

Unfortunately the skills of defense and defeat, fighting, are what the majority of self-defense seminars attempt to teach. The capability to defend your self, to be able to overcome and defeat an attacker in a violent situation requires ongoing training with a qualified instructor and the desire to learn.

Our response to this was to create LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion a non-offensive means for women, children and men to escape and survive a violent situation.

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The Seven Steps of Self Protection.

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